Tarot Runes Reiki


 LIFE PATH READING    Discover the truth about your current situation with a clear and  insightful reading focusing

on the energies surrounding you and the choices to be made.


 RELATIONSHIP READING    What are the strengths, the weaknesses and the expectations in your relationships?

This could be either a personal or a business relationship.


 3 MONTH FORECAST    I do not think that the future is fixed ; we all have the power to change our fate but

Tarot can show us the likely outcome given the current circumstances.    


 PAST LIFE READING   What is your soul's purpose? Are issues from previous lives affecting this one?

What can you do about this?  A deep and thought-provoking reading.


 MINI TAROT OR RUNE READING    A Tarot Taster or The Witch's Runes! Short and  sweet!


 Readings are by email and will be sent as a Microsoft Word Document which you can print and keep. 



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Welcome, my name is Dorothy and I have been involved with Tarot since the 1970s.  As a child I was fascinated with playing cards, commenting to anyone who would listen that some cards were good cards and some were not!


I grew up in Scotland and as both my mother and grandmother were open to anything fey, I was never laughed at when saying that I saw things that others did not see or felt that I knew something was about to happen.


A Tarot reading from a remarkable man in Glasgow in 1976 started me on this magickal journey and I bought my first Tarot deck, though it was put aside for some years when I married and put my energies into raising my two children.


So, what do you hope to get from Tarot?  Using my intuition and knowledge of the cards, I hope that my readings will help you to decide what your best course of action should be regarding the circumstances which surround you.


I have listed various types of spread to give you an idea of what Tarot can do, but if you have a specific question, I will base the reading around that.


I also love to teach Tarot and welcome enquiries regarding TUITION. 

As well as the readings, I also have Tarot cards for sale, including  rare and vintage decks, and Witch's Runes sets.


Full details of these are on the SHOP page.


I am also a qualified Reiki Practitioner. Please do contact me at dorothy.tarot@gmail for further information.

Disclaimer: Tarot and Rune readings are not a substitute for professional legal, financial or medical advice. You are wholly responsible for any decisions and choices made following a tarot or rune reading.  I will not knowingly read for anyone under 18 years of age. If you have a medical or psychological condition, it is recommended that you use Reiki in conjunction with help and advice from your doctor or health adviser.


Magick for the 21st Century